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Suggests: DailyArt, a joyous dose of art

Photo Credit: DailyArt.

One of the many disappointing parts of the COVID pandemic has been the closing of art museums. For me, art museums have always been a place of deep inspiration and contemplation. I have been missing the feeling of being surrounded by the works of the world’s most creative minds and the escape that comes with staring at a piece and forgetting time is passing by. Luckily, a friend recently suggested a solution that doesn’t quite make up for the loss of art museums, but definitely eases the pain.

DailyArt is an app which you can download for free on any device. The app centers a daily featured art piece with a congenial story and informative description. You can click on the artist or the art museum where the work is featured to learn more in a staggering 17 different languages. Great for beginners in art history and amateur artists alike, the app gives you the option to enable a widget on your phone so you can see the piece immediately without opening the app. With just a glance at your phone, you can be entranced by an artwork as if you’re standing right in front of it.

The app also provides the ability to create your own gallery by searching for any famous artist or art piece. By becoming my own museum curator, I no longer feel disconnected from the art world during this pandemic. Offering calming experiences with a dash of culture over breakfast, DailyArt is a simple COVID friendly way to get some art back into your life.


Audrey Ledford is a freshman in the SFS studying International Politics.


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