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Schitt's Creek


If you’re like me, then I’m sure Netflix has overwhelmed you recently with their never ending stream of originals and extremely targeted competition shows (looking at you Blown Away). Unlike many other shows, however, the fifth season of Schitt’s Creek was quietly released earlier this month onto the platform, providing a much needed relief from Netflix’s relentless promotion of original content. Schitt’s Creek comes from our friendly northern neighbors of Canada, and follows the previously wealthy Rose family as they forge new lives for themselves in the rundown town of Schitt’s Creek. From the father-son duo of Eugene and Daniel Levy, the show radiates sunshine by presenting incredibly likable characters with hilarious personalities. What sets Schitt’s Creek apart from so many other comedies is the tenderness with which it treats its characters, as each character has their own obstacles and unique developments. It’s only upon looking back on past seasons that you can see how far each character has come; the development feels natural. Although matriarch Moira (Catherine O’Hara) continues to be over-the-top with her absurd accents and antics, the cast as a whole remains relentlessly grounded as their stories naturally progress from one episode to the next, making the show a perfect feel-good binge. Schitt’s Creek offers an escape from the heaviness of the world: at the show’s heart is the Rose family’s love for one another. Even five seasons in, it still succeeds in warming the hearts of its audience.


Francis Moran

Photo Credit: Pop

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