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Modern Love


I never thought I would find myself almost crying watching Tina Fey play tennis. But there I was, curled up on my bed, lip quivering as a couple rediscovered each other after rallying both on the court and in therapy—it was a tale of modern love. Modern Love, now streaming on Amazon, follows eight true stories of love, all submitted to the famous New York Times column of the same name. From birth to mental health to falling in love to adopting a child, Modern Love is a wonderful account of the challenges and triumphs that make life beautiful. It avoids Hallmark levels by tugging just the right amount at your heart, as to still relate to our own encounters with love. The cast is also stunning: Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Dev Patel, and Andy Garcia play characters in different stages of life all searching for and finding love in different ways. Whether it’s an unexpected child, a lost copy of Anna Karenina, divorce, or a blossoming friendship with the doorman, Modern Love is exactly what its title claims it to be—and it is beautiful in all of its forms.


Alexis Gorfine

Photo Credit: KCRW

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