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Tag Yourself, Indy Editor Edition

The Alex

-constantly stressed

-stops to pet every doggo

-loves cooking but is too short to use the stove top

-is foreign and makes it known

The Brian

-the music guy

-too cool for school

-seen in Lau at odd hours of the morning


The Ben


-can’t use a microwave

-calls vegetables ‘green’

-thinks basketball shorts are acceptable winter


The Reagan

-small voice big heart


-knows all of the things

-probably not a member of the Communist Party

The Eliza

-will probably be President someday

-the only person here who actually knows who to use InDesign

-writes articles in exchange for Vanilla Oreos

-thinks Teddy Graham is a real person

The Kate

-rare sightings in Heal Fam

-sick glasses

-never said anything anti-Hawaiian pizza

-possibly pro-Hawaiian pizza

The Austin

-you probably know him from a class

-“the Oxford comma is the ONLY reason you’re still


-ain’t never a better stuffed animal salesperson in the state of Kentucky

-proficient in podcasts

The Maggie

-the art talent scout

-Marvel > DC

-all smiles except in rugby

-will break bones, but only on the field

The Seo Young

-cannot be reached via snapchat

-constantly correcting name pronounciation (“sigh” young)

-impulsively buys shoes

-Spotify enthusiast

PC: nuno_lopes / Pixabay; GTRus / Wikimedia; Allicom / GoodFreePhotos; Ram-Man / Wikimedia; theimpulsivebuy / Flickr; @joe_foodie / Wikimedia; Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay; hirobi / Pixabay; Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

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