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F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Festival

77 years have passed since F. Scott Fitzgerald’s death, but Gatsby’s green light shines on. On Saturday, Oct. 21, at Richard Montgomery High School, the City of Rockville and the F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference Inc. will host their 21st annual F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Festival. To honor Fitzgerald’s works and those of past and emerging American literary artists, the festival boasts an array of activities, including fiction and nonfiction writing workshops, discussions and panels, a screening of “Brokeback Mountain,” and an award ceremony to conclude. While the theme of the 2017 Festival is “Literature and the Environment,” topics of the workshops range from revision and “Exploring the Divide [between Fiction and Nonfiction]” to advice on writing a memoir and manipulating time in fiction: an oasis to all the beautiful and damned artists stuck with writer’s block. Aside from these workshops, the festival welcomes American novelist Annie Proulx and political cartoonist Tom Toles among others to speak and interact with festival-goers. If this side of paradise is not enough, participants can further indulge themselves in a Literary Luncheon held on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 19, and an event Friday evening, Oct. 20. The sensible thing would be to attend yet another celebration of one of America’s most loved writers.

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