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The Indy's Halloween 2016 Costume Recommendations

Ken Bone:

Be the envy of your friends by dressing up as the candidate they’re all going to write in on November 8th. As the most huggable undecided voter in the nation, Ken Bone is the perfect scary halloween costume: America’s quirky, fun uncle on the outside, and its creepy, Reddit-obsessed other uncle on the inside.

What you’ll need:

*Bright red sweater


*Blank Ballot

*Backup sweater

*Disposable camera


*The capacity to somehow still be an undecided voter this election



*Oodles of sex appeal


What better way to recognize the tragic martyrdom of an American hero than by dressing as him for Halloween? Express your sorrow at the loss of this most esteemed gorilla, Harambe is the superhero we all need but do not deserve. Please be considerate and carry a travel-pack of tissues as tears are sure to flow at the sight of your venerable appearance.

What you’ll need:

*One gorilla costume

*Large poster paper to reenact your favorite Harambe meme

*A small doll to cradle protectively or threateningly drag (open to personal


*A couple of solidly funny pose ideas, as you’ll probably be taking a lot of pictures with




A perfect alternative to more blood-curdling costumes, clown garb displays all the psychological horror of social isolation without the need for extensive prosthetics.

You can be just as menacing as the most fiendish night creatures with your mom’s makeup kit, a bottle of Faygo, and size 15 knockoff Jordans. For added fun, coordinate with friends to have a Gathering of the Juggalos in your own backyard!

What you’ll need:

*Big shoes


*Crazy colored wig

*Poor decision making skills

*Red nose

*Bail money

*Seriously why would you go through with this?

NB: The Independent is not responsible for any injuries incurred while wearing this costume

Harley Quinn:

This Halloween dress for success, and we mean the one success of Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will be running rampant through the streets this Halloween, so be sure to go all out (all out in an ‘I just rocked Comic Con kind of way’ as opposed to an ‘I just made all my co-stars hate me’ kind of way).

What you’ll need:

*white t-shirt with Daddy’s Lil Monster

*dog collar, scrunchies, blue and pink hair spray

*short shorts, fishnet stockings, spandex red and blue jacket

*one slightly worn baseball bat

*Framed photograph of Jared Leto

*one slightly worn baseball bat

*a perfected maniacal laugh

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