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The Mansion on O & O Street Museum

Delicate, mysterious, and adventurous—a boutique museum on O Street is buried among the grand, spectacular national museums in Washington, D.C. The Mansion on O & O Street Museum adds a colorful and juicy taste to the galleries and institutions that speckle the nation’s capital.

Managing a space that connects five ornate redbrick buildings, the museum features artistic, fashionable, and luxurious memorabilia displays, each with their own cool, distinctive visuals. While exploring around, visitors can see guitars played and signed by celebrities, limited edition pieces from fashion installations, and other creative artworks with imaginative concepts. It is worth noting that everything displayed is for sale. More than a museum, The Mansion on O & O Street Museum is a functioning estate sale that offers abundant opportunities for collectors and enthusiasts alike to uncover treasures.

Image Credit: Camille Kelly

The museum contains various types of decorated spaces including bedrooms, living rooms, and offices, with each adopting a unique theme demonstrated through curated designs and matching objects. For instance, several rooms are filled with The Beatles paraphernalia, including original editions of vinyl records hung on the wall and graphic design posters improvised by 21st century artists. All the rooms are packed by intriguing artworks and furniture with mind-blowing functionalities. In the meantime, the Mansion is a private hotel available for booking.

For those passionate about exploring new places and uncovering the unknown, the “Secret Door Experience” tour will especially satisfy your curiosity. As most of the rooms in the hotel are interconnected, a few secret doors are nestled away that hide an entirely different world behind them. Attempting to discover as many secret doors as possible is a thrilling experience; you never know how many surprises there are waiting for you until you solve the mystery.

An entry into an enchanted world, the Mansion on O & O Street Museum evokes creativity, imagination, and nostalgia within a labyrinth of discovery.


Wendi Wang is a freshman in the SFS studying International Economics and planning to minor in Philosophy and Music.


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