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Splatoon 3

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were a hybrid between a cephalopod and a human? I seriously doubt it, unless you share brain cells with Hisashi Nogami over at Nintendo. Splatoon has seen lots of success since its first game on the Wii U; enough to warrant a third installment seven years later. Splatoon 3 provides hours of exhilarating single-player and multiplayer experiences by expanding on the prequels’ successes. The single-player campaign offers players a ten-hour mission-based run-and-gun adventure through inventive levels, while the multiplayer offers goal-oriented 4v4 battles and team survival.

A returning staple of the Splatoon series that appears in this game is the idols. The members of the fictional, yet, sensational in-universe music group Deep Cut (Shiver, Frye, and Big Man), serve a large role in the game’s single-player campaign as antagonists. The multiplayer has a host of changes as well, introducing a new ranked system, Anarchy Battle, with two modes: Series and Open. A Series challenges players to win five games before they lose three for a chance to win rank points, whereas Open battles allow for players to queue into a single, low stake, match. Splatoon 3’s horde mode, Salmon Run, has also been updated with new enemies, bosses, quality of life improvements, and a new mode called Big Run. Another entirely new aspect to this game is the 1v1 in-universe trading card game called Tableturf Battle where players compete to ink the most grids on their board. Despite the many changes, the youthful aesthetic that the series is known for is just as strong as ever. With musical elements ranging from bubbly pop to heavy metal, the soundtrack perfectly encapsulates the invigorating spirit of the game during each and every match. Players can also fully customize their squid-kid avatar with complete freedom to choose style, hairstyle, eye color, etc., and can pick from hundreds of apparel options from in-universe brands. With hours of gameplay, a unique setting, and seemingly endless possibilities for customization, Splatoon 3 perfectly serves as the culmination of the Splatoon series’ chaotic, over-the-top, and fun-loving approach to Third-Person Shooters.


Marcus is a freshman in the College and is currently undeclared.

Photo Credits to Nintendo.


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