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Sex Education, Season 3

We open on a misty night in England. A car shakes, a shirt comes off, a ‘70s pop song plays. All of this can only mean one thing—Sex Education is back. The hit Netflix show returned Friday, September 17 with a third season, giving us just enough time to provide our glowing recommendation (decidedly: Thumbs-up. Emo). Picking up just a few months after the events of the second season, Sex Education wastes no time getting back into its honest and complex portrayals of teen sexuality.

Among this season’s new characters, Moordale’s new head teacher Hope Haddon (played by Girls alum Jemima Kirke) is the clear standout. Though quickly established as the season’s antagonist, Hope can’t be boxed into the role of the one-dimensional traditionalist. Together, Kirke’s performance and the eternally empathetic script deny viewers the pleasure of pure loathing. Be on the lookout for equally nuanced treatment of Cal and Layla, the show’s first non-binary characters, as well as old favorites like mean-girl Ruby, French Rahim, and ex-head teacher Mr. Groff.

Over the course of this season’s eight episodes, we found ourselves yelling at our computers, laughing at Connor Swindells’ brilliant and ever-evolving portrayal of Adam Groff, craving one of Aimee’s vulva cupcakes, singing along to the jazz choir’s performance of “Fuck the Pain Away,” and sometimes even straight-up sobbing. Season three takes Sex Education in a new and exciting direction that will make you want to keep clicking that “Continue Watching” button. Just maybe don’t binge it until 6:23 AM like Mitch. Oops.

Photo Credit: Netflix


Rimerman is an Executive Editor and a Senior in the College studying Math

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