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Staying away from my phone is usually the best form of self-care. For the times when that isn’t possible, I have looked into a whole host of self-care apps, from Headspace to Fabulous, from Reflectly to Sayana. But not being meditatively-inclined and more of a spontaneous journaler, I found that the structure and routine of these apps turned self-care into just another notification I had to worry about.

But when you open #Selfcare, a small room unfolds in front of you—“your room.” There are soft sheets to curl up in, filtered sunlight seeping through, and even a cat to keep you company. At first glance, it looks like a screensaver. But as you tap on the miscellaneous things scattered around, you begin to understand the app’s namesake.

Tapping on the flower opens a guided breathing animation. The journal allows you to record entries with prompts like “Maybe we could recall a moment this week we felt playful” and “Maybe we could remember a time we made a decision with integrity.” Some objects open mini-games that feel like digital fidget toys, while others simply offer affirmations.

The app is so simple that after a few minutes of tapping around, I usually get bored and leave. Still, I find myself coming back to it. For me, the best self-care is curled up in my (real) sheets. But when that isn’t possible, #Selfcare will do.

Photo Credit: Tru Luv


Kim is the Managing Editor and a Junior in the College studying Theology and Korean


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