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Omar Apollo's Tamagotchi

by Arjun Chhabra

English and Spanish singer-songwriter Omar Apollo recently released the single “Tamagotchi” during the rollout for his new album Ivory. As soon as I heard the classic four count start to the song, I knew it was produced by none other than Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo (aka The Neptunes). With familiar sound bits, pretty strings, and bouncy drums, this song has been on repeat for me since it was released. Apollo rides the beat, switching flows flawlessly from rapping to singing, and between Spanish and English. Then, the song ends with pitched-up vocals that are perfectly in tune with the bouncy nature of the song. In the most respectful way possible, this song sounds like peak Brockhampton.

At the age of 12, Omar Apollo taught himself to sing and play guitar by watching YouTube tutorials, and despite only having music online dating back to 2016, he already has a plethora of genre bending songs. The best way to describe Apollo’s music is a mix of R&B, soul, and indie. Some of my favorites include “Invincible” with Daniel Caesar and his cover of “California Dreamin’.” His most popular collaborators include Dominic File, Kali Uchis, and Kenny Beats. He has consistently released quality music, and it is only a matter of time before he enters the mainstream.


Arjun is a freshman in the NHS studying Global Health. He has been listening to “Tamagotchi” nonstop for 4 days and is still not the slightest sick of it.


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