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My Love, Florence + The Machine

By Sabrina Shaffer

I can only describe Florence + The Machine’s newest single, “My Love,” as sad boy hours at the disco club. The song’s opening lines paint a scene of dissonance and confusion: “I was always able to write my way out / Song always made sense to me / Now I find that when I look down / Every page is empty.” Her poetic lyrics describe rolling rural landscapes and deep sensations of loving and longing. Characteristic of Florence, the lyrics to “My Love” evoke a sense of isolation amidst our crowded, fast-paced world: “My arms emptied, the skies emptied / The billboards emptied.” Florence is most popularly known for upbeat indie-folk ballads like “Dog Days are Over” and “Shake it Out.” “My Love,” however, is not the band’s typical indie-folk ballad. Instead, Florence pairs her wailing lyrics with electronic synths and a thumping beat that makes you want to grab a friend and hit the dance floor. Though Florence originally imagined “My Love” as a “sad little poem,” she transformed the piece into an anthemic dance track.

“My Love” comes on the heels of two other singles: “Heaven is Here” and “King.” All three tracks are sneak peeks at the band’s upcoming album Dance Fever, which is set to be released in May 2022. Co-produced by Jack Antonoff and Dave Bayley, lead singer of Glass Animals, “My Love” brings a renewed energy to the ethereal sounds we know and love. What’s more, Florence has collaborated with acclaimed film-maker Autumn de Wilde, who produced Emma in 2020, to create stunning visuals to accompany her music. The music video for “My Love” depicts a Gatsby-esque ballroom, replete with sequined gowns, neo-gothic architecture, and a full orchestra. Florence struts and swirls, creating a ball of chaos in an otherwise serene scene. With the help of de Wilde’s artistry, “My Love” is not just a dance track but a gripping, multi-sensory experience. Florence + the Machine’s newest release is a disturbing yet beautiful masterpiece that grips something deep within.



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