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Image Credit: AWAL Records

Fans have long anticipated a collaboration between JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown, the eccentric ringleaders of the 2010s underground hip-hop scene. When the duo announced their collab album called SCARING THE HOES, the title foreshadowed a headfirst dive into the grimy, underground hip-hop in which they have made their names. Now that the album is out, they’ve gone even further than expected. Peggy’s token abrasive drum production captains instrumentals littered with vintage jazz pianos, retro video game samples, and soulful vocals. Track titles like “Steppa Pig” and “Jack Harlow Combo Meal” outdo classically comical Peggy tracklists. Danny Brown picks up right where he left off almost four years ago, delivering his eclectic, high-pitched bars with renewed energy. Despite only having one previous collaboration, the chemistry between the pair makes them seem like a seasoned duo of emcees working together for the umpteenth time. Their collective return to form is an excellent introduction to any listener searching for a dose of weird in their playlists.

However, the album is more than a funny, outlandish hip-hop project flaunting Peggy and Danny’s trademark chaotic attributes. Key elements combine to craft a wholly novel thematic focus: the absurdity of the internet age. The rapid beat switches and iPhone notification samples exhibit technical skill, but also embody the low-attention spans of the duo’s target demographic. The aforementioned track titles are not just absurd for comedic effect—they poke fun at “sigma” trends and ridiculous fast food marketing campaigns on social media. Even the album title may be a satirical jab at online music culture, gendering audiences based on subgenres. The rough-around-the-edges mixing, the energetic percussion, and the warped samples of the past create an air of hopeless nostalgia for a time and culture fading away as we dive deeper into the post-dot-com abyss. Whether you’re looking to escape from the online void or think deeper about its oddities, Danny Brown and JPeg have you covered.


Brendan Carroll is a freshman in the SFS studying Business & Global Affairs.


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