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Indy Suggests: Boreas by the Oh Hellos

Photo Credit: The Oh Hellos.

Perhaps you remember the Oh Hellos’ from their quintessential 2011 song, “Hello My Old Heart,” which was part of many a Pandora playlist. The band’s newest album, Boreas, released September 4, has a familiar aesthetic but feels more specific to the current moment, like a tribute to the end of summer and beginning of fall. With a title like Boreas, which, in Greek mythology is the north wind, it makes sense that the Oh Hellos’ album presents like gentle breezes and uplifting gusts of wind. Folk influences dance you through sunflower fields and rich harmonies sweep you into the cosy comforts of autumn. Not only are the individual songs on the album spectacular, but as is the artistry of the album as a whole. Instrumentals placed throughout the short album carry notes and melodies between songs, emphasizing the feeling that the whole album is at peace with the flow of time, taking its time and telling a story.

Find Boreas on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you stream music.


Alexis Gorfine is the Public Relations Manager and a junior in the SFS studying International Politics.


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