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I’m Obsessed with GUTS (spilled)

Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS was one of 2023’s best albums. And if that wasn’t enough, the deluxe edition—GUTS (spilled)—gave us five new songs that make an already excellent album even better. “obsessed” and “so american” are the flavor of upbeat, pop-rock songs that have become a staple for Rodrigo, while “girl i’ve always been” and “stranger” have peppy acoustics that introduce a fun, folksy-pop sound previously unexplored by her. “scared of my guitar” harkens back to the acoustic ballads of SOUR, which were largely absent from GUTS. This melancholy song featuring confessional-style lyrics explores how making music forces Rodrigo to address her fears about a romantic relationship. 

Photo Credit: Olivia Rodrigo

In GUTS (spilled) Rodrigo showcases her penchant for sarcasm and self-deprecating humor, one of the many features that give her music a personal, playful flair. She pokes fun at her fixation on her boyfriend’s ex in “obsessed,” while “girl i’ve always been” mocks a man for claiming that she’s changed for the worse. Rodrigo responds by pointing out that she’s always had her flaws—after all, she “can’t say [she’s] a perfect ten.” In “stranger,” Rodrigo chronicles  finally feeling a sense of closure from a previous relationship, as her ex has simply become “a stranger [she knows] everything about.” GUTS (spilled) comes to a close with “so american,” my favorite from the new tracks for its exuberance and energy. Backed by resounding electric guitar and frantic percussion, Rodrigo sings about how enchanted she is by her boyfriend—in her words, “Oh God, I'm gonna marry him / If he keeps this shit up.” If Olivia keeps her shit up (making incredible music), we’re all going to keep being “in lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love.”


Meggy Mani is a freshman in the College studying Government.


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