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Fleet Foxes, Shore

Picture this: a secluded mountainous town in Washington state in the middle of November. You are trekking through a lush forest while the smell of pine trees permeates the crisp winter air. You pause to take in the scenery, placing your belongings down as your friend starts a small campfire. You close your eyes and just exist in the picturesque scene. Fleet Foxes’ Shore evokes this vivid imagery. Their distinct sound is amplified through complex harmonies in tracks such as “Can I Believe You” and “Young Man’s Game.” This album came at the perfect time—right as the leaves begin to change, with feelings of warmth and joy just around the corner. While Fleet Foxes’ melodies are simple, they make the listener nostalgic for experiences not had and places not seen. Fleet Foxes has solidified their status as pioneers of modern indie folk, comparable to icons such as Dr. Dog and My Morning Jacket. From Uwade Akhere’s serene vocals on the opening track to Robin Pecknold’s familiar crooning on the closing track, Fleet Foxes has undoubtedly delivered fresh and exciting work once again.


Dube is a freshman in the College studying Sociology.


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