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Dirty Projectors: Super João

Photo Credit: Domino Music

Dirty Projectors’ Super João is light and smudged as the band’s name might suggest. Front-

man and founder Dave Longstreth croons over four smooth bossa nova rhythms in the

group’s third release from a planned series of five EP’s this year. “Holy Mackerel” is the

catchiest song thanks to its titular refrain, but the compact tracklist is brimming with

personality and salient moments. “Straight up to the moon if / Ever soonish you should go /

Bouncing like a tune/ From a boom box I don't know” Longstreth sings on “Moon, if Ever.”

Each song seems to come from this mysterious boombox as the bland playfully mixes its

usually eclectic lyricism and vocalizations with a distinctly softer tone. Projectors offer a

fulfilling experience within these four songs and an eleven minute runtime, but the record

slots nicely into the band’s release schedule after the previous Windows Open and Flight

Tower EP’s. It is by far the most understated of the bunch, but it maintains their pattern of

unpolished warm vibes. Time will tell whether the latter two releases will continue the slow

approach offered in Super João or jump back to the varied styles of the previous records.

This latest work is shorter than it could have been, but it’s enough for reluctant send off to

summer or even a welcome refuge from the first round of assignments.


Hegarty is a freshman in the SFS.


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