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Blue Lock

By Shajaka Shelton

We’ve all seen corny sports movies and television shows before. They’re heartwarming and cheesy, emphasizing teamwork above all. They suggest that even the worst teams can clutch out a championship title or mount a massive comeback through the power of friendship.

Blue Lock says, “screw that.”

Production studio Eight Bit’s animated adaptation of Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura’s sports manga began airing on October 9th, following the story of second-year high school soccer forward Yoichi Isagi. After causing his team to lose their tournament qualifiers, the ensuing humiliation and self-loathing motivate him to join the sketchy athletic program known as Blue Lock. Run by the unnerving and mysterious Jinpachi Ego, the program seeks to turn all 300 participants into egocentric soccer geniuses that can single-handedly win the World Cup for Japan.

Drama and blood-pumping action ensues, obviously. The series is fast-paced and unrelenting, with no lull as the main cast viciously competes against one another for the opportunity of a lifetime, all with their chance to play soccer professionally on the line. With such a wide and varied cast, there’s a favorite character for every viewer. The animation is dynamic, and the music electrifying, gluing your full attention to the screen and your investment into every moment.

Look no further if you’re sick and tired of fluffy feel-good sports shows. Blue Lock is up your alley if you are down for straight-up betrayal, genuine physical violence on the soccer pitch, and realistically self-centered high school athletes. You can catch up with previously released episodes on Crunchyroll and tune in for new ones every Saturday night!

Shajaka Shelton is a junior in the College majoring in English and minoring in Journalism.


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