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"This Christmas"


Tired of the same Christmas classics that play every year? Looking for something new to add to your holiday playlist? The duo Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht of Oh Wonder has got you covered. With whispering voices that pair perfectly with a crackling fire, Oh Wonder’s “This Christmas” offers a softer side of the holidays, focused on love and togetherness. The duo’s voices pair perfectly as they dream of being together for Christmas. They offer to give up the stereotypes of the holiday—the sleigh bells, Christmas lights, mistletoe—to be together: “I’d give anything this Christmas to have you here.” Although the themes are not unique for the holiday season, their music has a refreshing touch of sadness that most holiday songs shy away from. During a season in which everything is supposed to be cheerful and holly-jolly, Oh Wonder sings about a Christmas in which they wish the snow would melt and the holiday season would finally end. Although Oh Wonder may not be trying to make a social point, their song opens up an important conversation. There is a lot of pressure to be happy during the holidays, even if things aren’t going well. You do not have to pretend to be at Christmas-elf levels of spirit if you don’t feel like it. This holiday season, as finals come to an end, I hope you take care of yourselves, spend time with those you love, and listen to Oh Wonder’s “This Christmas.”


Alexis Gorfine

Photo Credit: Genius

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