Ambassadors of Love

This Valentine’s Day, lovers of romance and the internationally-minded are encouraged to take advantage of creative date options sponsored by the D.C. embassies. As the season of romance approaches, the embassies of Italy and France have thrown open their doors for D.C.’s lovesick hearts.

The Embassy of France, fully exploiting their country’s romantic reputation, would like to invite you to attend a Valentine’s dance soiree, featuring salsa, tango, and the Viennese Waltz. Singles and couples are welcome, and no dance experience is necessary. Tickets are available for $35, making this an affordable option for romantic students, though the admission does not include dinner, drinks, or dessert. Wine, authentic champagne and sumptuous French desserts will be available for purchase. All embassy-goers must be over 21, and IDs will be verified.

Not to be outdone, the Italian Embassy plans to host “the Romance of Verona” in a special Romeo and Juliet-themed Valentine’s dinner - minus the blood feuds and Shakespearean body count. The event will include ballroom dancing, a live DJ playing retro swing and Italian top 40, a movie screening, and a special opera presentation of “Romeo et Juliette” in the grand hall of the embassy. General admission is $99 dollars and includes a dessert buffet; VIP admission is $140 and includes a special VIP dinner. Despite the higher price tag, this event offers an unforgettable Valentine’s date night for those willing to commit. All participants must be over 21, due to the open bar.


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