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Notable February Concerts

Are you or a loved one interested in escaping “the Bubble” this month? The following are a few highly recommended concerts that provide good reasons to explore the city a little bit more!

STRFKR - 9:30 Club - Feb. 17

An indie pop band from Portland, Oregon, STRFKR has accrued a very strong cult following. This will be their first visit to D.C. since the completion of their 2017-spanning three-volume album, Vault.

Tyler the Creator - The Anthem - Feb. 25

2017 was quite arguably hip-hop star Tyler’s best year yet, with the release of his opus, Flower Boy. Furthermore, Vince Staples—who also released an album, Big Fish Theory, in 2017—will be opening. Both artists are known for their powerful stage presence, guaranteeing the show to be electric.

CRYFEST - Black Cat - Feb. 24

What is CRYFEST, you ask? It is one of the many themed dance parties hosted by Black Cat. The theme for this dance party is, as the venue’s website describes it, the Cure and Depeche Mode. If you are interested in the danceable sad-boy/girl/person music of two of the best bands of the ’80s, then this party is the exact place for you.

John Maus - Rock & Roll Hotel - Feb. 10

John Maus was a bit of a “hypnagogic-pop star” earlier in the decade. He disappeared for years, however, to pursue his PhD in political philosophy. He is back now, fresh from his 2017 album, Screen Memories. Maus has perhaps the most unique stage presence of his contemporaries, with his out-of-place howls and spastic movements (search “John Maus Quantum Leap Live in Sydney” for reference). He is truly the musical manifestation of existentialism, and his performance will surely be one unlike any other this month.

PC: Kevin Harber / Flickr

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