Indy Suggests: All My Heroes are Cornballs, JPEGMAFIA

JPEGMAFIA's All My Heroes are Cornballs. Nearly two years after the release of his breakout album, Veteran, experimental rapper and producer JPEGMAFIA returns with his second full-length LP All My Heroes Are Cornballs. Relative to Peggy’s earlier work, Cornballs represents a logical step of maturation for his musical career, expanding upon his industrial, glitchy, and oftentimes chaotic style of rap. On this album, Peggy’s ability to contrast the iconic, more erratic sound of Veteran with one far more melodic, cohesive, and vocally-driven exhibits how he has refined his sound. This new direction presents a more expansive image of what is going through the rapper’s mind. Whether you are a long-time JPEGMAFIA fan or just discovering him for the first time, Cornballs is worth a listen. The album’s uncompromising sound distinguishes itself in an overcrowded genre, and its tone, both emotional and pointed at times, can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Though labels like “abstract” or “experimental” certainly describe Peggy’s sound in part, they really do not quite encapsulate him as an artist. If you are looking for something new or different that will challenge your musical tastes, then All My Heroes Are Cornballs is the album for you. Michael Turk Photo Credit:


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