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MICHELLE x Sidney Gish WGTB Concert

By Audrey Ledford

Two faced bitches never lie; and therefore, I’m not lying when I tell you the magnificence of WGTB’s (Georgetown Radio) concerts are back with MICHELLE x Sidney Gish. On February 27 in Bulldog Alley, Georgetown played host to two up-and-coming alternative/indie artists. The opener, Sidney Gish, a 24-year-old graduate of Northeastern who gained popularity for her second album No Dogs Allowed in 2017, performed a solo set of her most recognizable tunes, including “Sin Triangleand “Imposter Syndrome.Headliner MICHELLE, a collective of artists and friends from New York City, played an energetic set of their hits including “THE BOTTOM” and “SUNRISE,as well as unreleased music from their new album After Dinner We Talk Dreams.

MICHELLE x Sidney Gish emanated a relaxed and comfortable aura, complimented by the pandemic-induced intimate setting of 120 people. After MICHELLE performed “MESS YOU MADE,the group remarked it was the first time a crowd had ever sung along to the track. Georgetown matched MICHELLE’s high energy, and we even screamed at the top of our lungs “I was a b*tch” during “MESS YOU MADE” at the band’s request. They also got into the Georgetown spirit, with Instagram posts of them on Healy Lawn and holding beers in the WGTB radio booth. What I would give to look that happy in front of Lau.

The casual vibe also came from the stripped down sets of both artists' The bittersweet beauty of Bulldog Alley is that it doesn’t have a crazy amp set-up. In fact, the stage was built the day of the concert. Sidney Gish had only her guitar with her, recording the riffs as she went to play over them. MICHELLE had only two guitarists, so their music was filled out by the group’s beautiful four part harmonies. Both artists showed us their pure musical talent without the percussion and production prominent on their tracks.

MICHELLE also created this enigmatic energy through their on-stage chemistry. The harmonies of the four singers were breathtaking. They sang directly to each other, smiling, recognizing the transcendent nature of their sound in the confined space. Akin to The Temptations, coordinated dancing accompanied the harmonies. Their short but powerful poses were guaranteed to get a cheer from the audience. MICHELLE put on more than a show—they put on a performance.

WGTB in recent years has hosted Faye Webster, Snail Mail and Slowthai, now adding MICHELLE and Sidney Gish to the list of soon-to-be famous artists that adorn the walls of Georgetown radio. Look out for WGTB line up next year in this newly revived Georgetown tradition.



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