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Love at first sight is BS

Love at first sight is BS because love makes you look twice.

You look once and do a double take

Because you see these golden lights

And wedding bells are going off in your head

In your mind you’re already in white—

Then they turn the corner and reality hits your face

And this must give you a concussion or something

Because tomorrow you’re in that exact place

Looking for them again.

Because let’s be honest

Love isn’t satisfied with just one taste.

No, love has you back for seconds and thirds

Skip the confession your vow has like 10,000 words

And it’s the length of a dissertation.

And naturally when I say it like that

We suddenly don’t want to do it.

Because dissertations are lots of work

And we’re not sure yet if love’s worth it.

But I said love wasn’t at first sight, not that it had meaning

Because I still said you’d fall in love with someone you’re just seeing

And this is the point where I admit this poem is misleading—

Because I am blind.

Sike, not actually, but I might as well be?

Because I’ve never imagined white on me?

And no bells have ever rung

Except for the one

That rings at 11

Which is when my class starts

And also when I start running…

I thought all this running with hair in my face

Was what had me missing true love’s bright face

But even with a face on my screen

I was blind to what love at second sight really means…

It means Hollywood has rotted our minds.

Because, to be honest, the hottest thing I’ve ever got from a guy

Was a heart react

On a compliment I overanalyzed

About his taste in pies…

I’m acting cooler than I should by dragging Hollywood

So this is the point where I reveal I’m a fraud.

Because late at night when I’m talking to God

I’m upset he didn’t make me a face

That makes them all do double takes.

Because when the best thing about you is that you are nice

Love doesn’t look your way once, let alone twice.

I really wanted to end this poem with the bang

Beat myself down, and then I would say

That I love myself!

I’m perfect my way!

But looking in the mirror I can’t seem to say

All the white lies that I wish were true.

So, this is the best that I can do:

Love at first sight is BS because love makes you look twice

And thrice and whatever is 4 times

Love makes you keep looking until you realize

To capture the beauty of person like you

Love needs way more than eyes…

And who needs love anyway because beautiful

Has u and i while love has really nothing.


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