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An Intimate Performance by Wild Child

By: Margaret Koulen

Live music is back and better than ever.

Like most musicians during the pandemic, Wild Child was forced to take a break from touring. Now, for the first time since lockdown, the indie pop duo is back doing live shows. In April, Wild Child performed at the 9:30 Club and gave their fans an unforgettable and uniquely intimate show– which does not always happen at the venue.

The show began with a spotlight on Kelsey Wilson, lead vocals and violin, and Alexander Beggins, lead vocals and baritone ukulele, barefoot and smiling, as they played their hit song “Pillow Talk.” This one is an obvious fan favorite–everyone in the crowd sang along.

Kelsey then spoke directly to the audience, “We have a bunch of special guests for you tonight.” Over the next four songs, the duo brought in a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and pianist, all while cracking jokes and reminiscing about pre-pandemic shows. Wild Child knows their fans well and tailors the show to their liking.

In the middle of the set, Kelsey hopped off the stage, walked into the crowd, and sat down in the middle of the dance floor. She had everyone sit down while singing, “Sure gave you a good look.” The whole thing felt less like an official concert and more like an intimate jam sesh among friends.

But what struck me the most about the whole show was the crowd reaction. I’ve gone to quite a few shows since the pandemic, and I’m always sad to see so many people filming on their phones, viewing the art through their screens instead of living in the moment. Yet that was not the case at the Wild Child show. As the concert photos can testify, there were almost no phones out. Everyone was just living in the present, enjoying the art in front of them and bonding over the intense passion woven into every Wild Child song. We laughed, cried, and grinned like children together. Thank you, Wild Child, for giving us all a night we will never forget.


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