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Of Monsters and Men—"Wild Roses" & "Alligator"

Of Monsters and Men's Fever Dreams.


The Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men returns three months after the release of their single “Alligator” with another teaser track: “Wild Roses.” The pair of songs are offerings from the band’s third album, Fever Dream, expected July 26. The anthems diverge slightly from the band’s traditional sounds in their increased intensity and vibrance. Despite this small shift, the songs still feature the catchy drums and shifting vocals that fans have come to associate with the band. Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir leads both tracks with her continually impressive vocal range, delivering a variety of tones from breathy verses to powerful choruses. “Wild Roses” sounds rhythmically similar to the alternative songs currently enjoying chart success, leaving hope that this forthcoming project will see more mainstream success than their last album, Beneath the Skin. Production of Fever Dream has been directed by Rich Costey, who has previously worked with both Muse and Vampire Weekend. Costey’s influence can already be heard on Of Monsters and Men’s sound as“Alligator” rings with an overdriven guitar evocative of Muse’s music. Overall, expect a slightly different, darkly pop sound on this album. Stay tuned for coverage of the album release as we look forward to the band’s appearance in D.C. at the Anthem on Sept. 4!


Alexis Gorfine

Photo Credit: Republic Records

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