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“...and standing naked in the stark realization of my aloneness, I ask myself that question, that real question that everyone asks but some don’t pay attention to- “What do I believe?”. You can really go crazy asking that question. I have seen people and been people going crazy asking that question. IM STUCK IN MY MIND! And in fact may I point out that every question you ever ask yourself, and what is life if not each of us asking ourselves an endless stream of questions- What is life? Where shall I go to buy my hat? Why is there milk? Do I agree with my neighbor? Will I dare stand up?- , every one of these questions is really just a factor of the big question, the one question which forms the framework of it all. “What do I believe?”. And you surely live with your heart in your belly and your soul in the coffee grinder when you ask yourself that question. If you hold chocolate in your mouth for too long without chewing it will inevitably melt.”

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