“Faire Les Vesselles”

I was washing the plates

In a state of meditation

Je faisais les vesselles

Dans un état de méditation

My hands ache

Consciously and subconsciously gripping

Shake me down

And wear

And feel cold

The leaves change

But how things and mes affaires seem so small

Anointed in Vicks Vapor rub

At three in the AM

Pushed off, my work

Pushed it right off

All life is re-arranging

Care for me, me

Staying in on a sunday

Staying sane on a sunday

Remember, you have a band-aid

In your backpack should you need it

Remember that

Remember that Mum is just a phone call away

Flip through that Atlas

Find where you need to be

Then forget about that

Be where you are

Kian Blewett