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21 ½ “Dankest” Memes of 2018

(Or other years because do you honestly think we're going to do research on something like this?)

  1. Muscular arm men

C'mon gamers. Rise and grind. Let's get this Leo's bread.

  1. Let's get this bread.

(See above.)

  1. Moth and Lamp

Let's be honest, this meme was horrible, but it was popular.

  1. They did surgery on a grape.

(Refer to above caption)​

  1. Waluigi

He may not be in the new Smash Bros, but he will always be in our hearts.

  1. Surprised Pikachu

Us: *makes low quality listicle of memes from this year without putting in much effort*

Article: *really isn’t that good*

Us: Refer to above image

  1. "This Post Brought To You By ____ Gang"

This article brought to you by Indy Gang.


I actually laughed audibly thinking about this in the middle of Arik’s 12:30 p.m. micro class. Shoutout to Arik Levinson – if you know, you know.

  1. Super Bowl Selfie Kid

The closest we’ll ever get to covering a sports event.

  1. Tide Pods

For God’s sake don’t f*cking eat it.

  1. Vaper

Because we live in a world where Fox news really interviewed a kid with a “Vape God” hat.

  1. Memes with doggos

No caption needed.

  1. Crossovers more ambitious than Infinity War

*Insert picture of someone putting copies of the Indy into the Hoya’s stacks*

  1. Sharks.

ICYMI: Sharknado 6 came out this past August.

ICYMI2: I have a recurring dream where I am trapped in the middle of the ocean on a small makeshift raft. Then the sharks come. The other night I woke up with a cut on my hand. Help me. I think I have a problem.

  1. The most emotional love story of 2018

Me when I match with people from Georgetown on Tinder but instead of them only being capable of horizontal oscillation, it’s that they’re not capable of reciprocating the way I feel.

  1. You know exactly what this is

3 a.m. at Epi

  1. Memes that finally pass the Bechdel Test

Intersectionality at its finest.

  1. More Vaping

Both high schoolers and Mac Miller be out there trying to hide their secret vape Instagrams. @cloudywithachanceofawesome6

  1. Sesame Street Memes

Budget “Bert Strips”

  1. The Hero Georgetown Deserves

Cura Personalis

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