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Sass - 2017 Georgetown Year In Review

This past year at Georgetown has held some of the most profoundly memorable and straight-up gross events in the institution’s storied tenure. Let’s take a look back through five particularly notable instances of Hoya History.

5. JT3

Oh brave new world! This year marked the end of an era as well as the dawn of a new one for Georgetown basketball. JT3’s sudden departure and his replacement with Hoyas legend Patrick Ewing was one of the few events this year and on this list that actually had us feeling good, and hopeful. Only time will tell if we’ve gotten our hopes of victory up for naught, or for something special indeed.

4. That time there was a The Room showing in HFSC

This was absolute madness: never before in the history of Swift Potomac’s Lovely Daughter has a room full of Hoyas thrown so many spoons. It was a completely bizarre film and a completely bonkers audience, the film’s scenes verging on the surreal and the HFSC halls echoing with endless hysterical laughter. James Franco and Tommy Wiseau would have been proud.

3. Spontaneous Water Outage at Lau, ft. Free Midnight Pastries and Clogged Toilets

Picture this: Saturday afternoon, a Lau full of anxious students, and a spontaneous water outage. Oh, the chaos that ensued. Midnight Mug, having received no warning, had to give out free pastries to all of those who had already paid for coffees, as their production had to be halted. Students, unaware of the development, continued using the bathrooms as though everything were normal, effectively creating terrible cloggage.

2. South West Quad fire alarm debacle

*Flashback* The noise, the horrible noise. The incessant beeping that rang in our ears for days. Anyone who lived in or near the South West Quad knows exactly what we’re talking about. It was the night of April 21. The fire alarm went off all of three times due to excessively pressured pipes, causing waves of mass panic and scarring residents for all eternity. To this day, bouts of paranoia prompt students to live in fear of another alarm.

1. The Wisey’s Rat

What more can be said about the Wisey’s Rat that has not already been meme-d or gif-d about everyone’s favorite 36th Street rodent? He dropped into all of our lives from a cloudbank of potato chips much as an angel would gracefully descend to earth from the heavens. Following in the tradition of big names such as Mickey Mouse, Stuart Little, and Jerry (of Tom and Jerry fame), this little guy moled his way into the deepest inner recesses of our hearts this year.

PC: Daderot / Wikimedia Commons

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