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Yayoi Kusama Art Exhibit

Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirror” exhibit opened at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden on February 22. The exhibit covers over 50 years of Kusama’s career, from early sketches to more recent sculptures. The main attraction, however, are the six “mirror rooms,” – rooms covered in mirrors so that the things and people inside them are endlessly reflected. The exhibit also features “The Obliteration Room,” which is recreated at every museum in which it is featured. The room is all-white, furniture included. Visitors to the room receive a sheet of polka dot stickers and are told to place them wherever they like.

Although admission is free, tickets are hard to come by. Each Monday during the exhibition’s run, the museum will release free timed passes for the following week. There are also a limited number of walk-up passes available every day. But the passes only allow 15 minute visits, as the infinity rooms only accommodate three people at a time. Hirshhorn members, however, can enter the exhibit anytime. The Hirshhorn has already seen a massive increase in membership – 1,500 members since December. At $250 each, that is an additional $375,000 in revenue to the museum. The exhibit will run until May 14, so those interested should make an effort to get tickets as soon as possible.

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