Dance Company Performance

On Feb. 17 and 18, the Georgetown University Dance Company returns to the Davis Performing Arts Center for their annual spring performance. The event builds on the Dance Company’s works-in-progress performance from the end of last semester, incorporating works by both students and professional choreographers.

Directed by Professor Kimberly Parmer and student Madeline Silva, the program will consist of a collection of dance routines of various styles; Professor Parmer has prepared a ballet piece set to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, while guest choreographers Royce Zackery and Thomas Moore have contributed contemporary dance pieces. Additionally, students Marissa Barragán, Lindsey Caines, Sierra Cribb, Isabella Dolendo, Madeline Silva, and Claire Spaulding have choreographed their own segments for the show.

The performance is a culmination of many months of rehearsals run through the ensemble program, which enables students to enroll in dance workshops and earn university credits. The program provides a unique bridge between the classroom and the clubhouse, as the Dance Company is a part of both the Department of Performing Arts and the Performing Arts Advisory Council.

Tickets for both dates cost $8 for students and $10 for the public. They are available online through the Department of Performing Arts’ website.

PC: Madeline Silva and Tiffany Kassidis


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