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Zach Bryan’s “The Greatest Day of My Life”

Zach Bryan seems to never miss with each song release. This year alone, he has given his fans a 34-song album, a nine-song EP, and now two new singles: “The Greatest Day of My Life” and “Fifth of May.” While both are worth a listen, “The Greatest Day of My Life” captures a rare vulnerability in Bryan's lyricism as he reflects on his gratitude for his life on tour over the past year. Maintaining his signature, stripped-back style, the song features autotune-free vocals that showcase his powerful, gritty voice. “I had the greatest day of my life / wrote up a single in a New York high rise,” Bryan sings in “The Greatest Day of My Life.” The song is a warm celebration of the places he’s seen and the things he’s done on his album tour.

Credit: Spotify

The authentic and unrefined quality of the single carries on through the lyrics, which he wrote and subsequently released in real-time. Bryan mentions events in the song that had happened only a few days before its release. Similarly, the YouTube video that originally debuted the song contains footage from a show three days prior to its premiere. A few days later, he shared the song on all streaming platforms in response to petitioning by fans on Twitter.

Bryan produces a sound and style in every song that captivates listeners, country fans or not. According to the “About” page of his website, “[Bryan] believes that who you are only extends to the person you are today, an ideology reflected in everything he creates.” “The Greatest Day of My Life” epitomizes this outlook, sharing the message that as time moves on, we too should be thankful for each of the moments we encounter.


Louisa Buckingham is a junior in the College, studying Psychology and Environmental Studies. The day she sees Zach Bryan live might be the greatest day of her life.


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