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Puscifer Concert Review

Photo Credits: The Spin

by Carolina Permuy

Since Puscifer is one of Maynard James Keenan of rock band Tool’s side projects, I walked into the Warner Theater in early November expecting a Tool concert. I was quickly mistaken as the opening act, Night Club, took the stage and sang about death to electronic beats. As they left the stage, they asked the audience if we were ready for the “most fucking weird, best show ever.”

The show started off with a video explaining the no cell phone policy according to Puscifer’s terms. It showed Keenan’s alter-ego in the Puscifer universe, Agent Dick Merkin of “TMZanon,” explaining that the secret ingredient to SPAM is nothing other than the meat of people who take pictures or videotape at concerts. After this surreal video, the band took the stage.

Looking past the creative antics, I was impressed by Puscifer’s raw sound and production. Their music is highly experimental, and the band’s thoughtful composition showed each member’s musical ability. Before I went to this concert, it was described to me as “a music-meets-live-theater experience.” I was not entirely sure what that meant until Maynard took the role of a secret agent getting chased by aliens on stage, accompanied by videos explaining obscure conspiracies such as celebrity alien cloning.

Even with the entertaining audiovisual experience, I might have enjoyed the show more if I were a bigger fan of the band, as I felt I was missing the jokes in some of Maynard’s banter. I had listened to the band’s discography before the show, but I did not fully understand the band’s entire concept like many of the audience members did. Regardless, I enjoyed the music and the flow of the band’s setlist. The band played songs from their recent album, “Existential Reckoning¸” before a video segment, then followed with other hits from their discography before an intermission and another video.

If you’re looking for a normal concert experience, Puscifer is not for you. However, for those looking for excellent music on top of entertaining plotlines and performances, I highly recommend catching a Puscifer show.


Carolina Permuy is a sophomore in the SFS who finally decided on her Culture and Politics major.


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