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Artist Releases New Album

In a year already ablaze with musical zeal, an artist recently emerged from their depths of creativity to deliver their sophomore album—a work that defies categorization, challenges classification, and engages with the very essence of musical composition.

The new album unfurls its enigmatic tapestry with the positioned strains of its opening track, a reverie that envelops the listener into the ambiguous landscape of the artist’s vision. Through an interplay of enigmatic textures and rhythms, the song sets the stage for the enterprising sonic journey that lies ahead. 

The latter half of the trailblazing project brings harmonies mingled with dynamic rhythms, weaving a rich tapestry of audio that soothes the listener’s ears. By blending production techniques and creative musical interpolations, the album maintains a steady groove of eccentric and intricate rhythms.

Perhaps what's most striking about the LP is its sense of urgency—a feeling that every note, every lyric, has been imbued with a sense of quixotic purpose and intention. It’s an album that demands to be listened to from start to finish and in order; each song builds upon the last to create a cohesive and immersive experience that leaves a lasting, mellifluous impression.

In a musical landscape often dominated by the familiar and predictable, the project attempts to be a refreshing departure—a robust testament to the power of unbridled creativity and fearless experimentation. Lyrically, the project treads well-trodden ground, with themes that feel clichéd and uninspired. While the work contains many glimpses of innovation scattered throughout, it is ultimately palatable, quixotic, and conforming, sounding like a conglomeration of auditory embellishments, much like a derivative composition of the work of musical predecessors. Several tracks attempt to evoke emotion and depth but ultimately come across as trite and superficial, lacking the authenticity needed to truly resonate with listeners.

Hailing from a state but currently residing in Los Angeles, the artist has collaborated with the likes of several seasoned veterans of the creative and artistic scene. This new, self-penned album was written by the artist and highly anticipated; fans yearned for a new release since the artist’s critically acclaimed freshman record was released. Incendiary live shows characterized their first tour. Their music has made a deep impression on a growing number of music fans.

During the recording process, I was lucky enough to visit the artist’s studio in downtown LA. The artist and their bandmates told me they were seeking to produce varied textures and tones, hoping to express meaning through sounds and lyrics. Their expansive studio spaces are so inviting that I was almost inclined to linger around for a while—but not so much that I did. Despite the eclectic and dialectic space, the band admitted they were still trying to find their “aesthetic.” Perhaps their life is an imitation of their art.

All things considered, this electrifying album explores melodies and chord progressions, with cathartic explosions of emotions and experiences shaping the music’s direction. Lyrics flow into harmonies, culminating in a composition that reflects musical expression. Through their command of melody, rhythm, and texture in this record, the artist invites listeners to consider their work.


Ted Bergman is a first-year in the College. He is interested in extreme ironing and tree law, among a few other things.


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