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Indy Suggests: Iridescence

“F*ck the world, let’s start a riot” This line comes from Joba’s verse on “J’OUVERT,” the tenth track on Brockhampton’s fresh release Iridescence. In other words, America’s favorite boy-band is back, and they’re coming in blazing hot. The album proves once again that Brockhampton will bust out of any box that you try to put them in. Since the Saturation trilogy that elevated Brockhampton to cult status, the eclectic group has had no shortage of publicity – including sexual abuse allegations resulting in the loss of a member, and the signing of a $15 million deal with RCA. Iridescence, ultimately, is a big step away from Saturation. In many ways, the songs are less palatable, and this speaks to the assertion that Brockhampton’s music can’t be taken away from them; from their very inception, the group has made a point to form their own narrative. Iridescence explores the many things in life that threaten to twist or devalue that narrative, both as artists and as humans. The almost punk-like edginess, anger, and frustration that comes through so potently on tracks like “NEW ORLEANS” and “J’OUVERT” is matched well with the equally potent sensitivity displayed on “THUG LIFE” and “SOMETHING ABOUT HIM.” Iridescence is simultaneously polished, tumultuous, and catchy. Brockhampton has once again raised the bar. Iridescence is now available on any streaming platform.

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