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Indy Suggests: GWOW Art Show

Georgetown Weeks of Welcome (GWOW) has spent the past few weeks hosting dozens of events to help kick off the school year for students on campus. While it has seemed like GWOW would never come to an end, there are just a few events left for students to enjoy. From the Mask and Bauble festivals to the Escape Room at Lau, make the most of the remaining festivities before they conclude! At 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 5, for instance, stop by the Arts Showcase in the ICC Galleria and Auditorium. This event will exhibit the work of your fellow Georgetown students, an opportunity for aspiring artists to present their work to the Hoya community (The Indy’s very own Alexandra Bowman will be featured). From visual art in the ICC Galleria to performances in the auditorium, there will be a variety of presentations to enjoy. Be sure to attend and support the arts at Georgetown!

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