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I want to fall in love the way that children

Find a friend: naturally and free of guile

With no ulterior motives, no words unsaid,

Just walking by a playground, hand in hand,

And maybe going down our favorite slide.

And should an accident occur, like two

Lines in a poem that start with the same word,

We’d just get up, wipe off the dust, and move on.

We would pretend that nothing ever happened,

Like how we told our parents little lies

When we came back home with cut knees and bruises

That we tried to hide after too much fun.

And then perhaps, we’d learn about each other

Through silly stories and adventures outside

Collecting flowers, insects, grasses, and twigs.

Perhaps we’d even build tree fortresses,

Defending them against the ogres and trolls

In our imaginary little world.

But I know life is not a fairy tale.

We can’t forever be small children with

Their innocent hearts and clear consciences,

Although my inner child wants to believe

That it should not be so hard to find someone

To share the road with when my shoes are worn

Or when all I need is a loving hand

That holds on to mine in the wintertime.

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