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Escape Room Live

If you are trying to escape the notorious ‘Georgetown Bubble,’ try to escape a room at Georgetown’s Escape Room Live. The Escape Room Live – only a short walk down M St. away – offers a variety of different rooms to escape. The venue offers scenarios themed around Friday the 13th, Ghostbusters!, the Titanic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the cursed tomb of an Egyptian king.

The rooms themselves are located in the lower level, with one door in and out. The moment the door locks behind you and your group, a forty-five minute countdown begins. You and your group have until the clock runs out to solve a trail of clues in order to unlock the door. But be warned: an open door does not necessarily lead to the outside. The clues themselves range from simple to obscure and require a variety of different approaches. A healthy combination of patience and ingenuity among group members is strongly recommended. A game master monitors your group’s progress via camera feed and is available to both offer gentle nudges in the proper direction when patience runs dry and to verify that the technology works properly. The game master also greets and congratulates you when the door finally swings open.

Georgetown’s Escape Room Live charges $28 per person, but the business also offers a 10% discount when one group of people books a room together. Assemble a group, escape the Georgetown bubble, and escape the room.

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