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Edson Martinez, 2019

Pencil on paper


Reagan Graney, 2018

Charcoal on paper


I was washing the plates 

     In a state of meditation 

Je faisais les vesselles 

     Dans un état de méditation 

My hands ache 

Consciously and subconsciously gripping 

     Shake me down 

     And wear 

     And f...


wen I am old

and the bots

have recorded it all

and you hear my words

listen not

unless you listen

to it all

Kian Blewett


think how afraid i look 

think how i am 

tinker with 

        the line breaks 

the human pop will be 


when thoughts can be translated instantly 

and considering how numbed we have become 

of what we consume & how dumb 

we Are, socio-politico-econom...


A dead "pigeon" in front of Healy. 

Unsolvable conflicts between parties on budgeting, employees forced to work without pay for weeks on end, and a bunch of self-centered Byronic college students complaining about not getting to do fun free stuff. Am I writing an articl...

 Coco Chanel.

Just two days after the new year, my family and I rang in the holiday by gathering around our television and watching a show about the age-old tale of the American R&B singer-turned-pedophile and sex offender. You know, the way all families do.

Shortly afte...


(Clockwise from top left) stills from RomaThe Favourite, Bohemian Rhapsody, BlacKkKlansman, Green Book, and Cold War.

This year’s Oscars might be one of the hardest to predict in recent memory. While some awards seem to be locks (bet all of your money that “Shall...


“STUNG by a TARANTULA HAWK REACTION!!!” is the title of this one. Looks good.

YouTube has an answer to the burning desire from deep inside your id: to hear your favorite song or watch your favorite movie or viral gag again for the first time. YouTube usually does. This...

 Toni Morrison in 2009.

In 1856 in Cincinnati, Ohio, a slavemaster and several federal marshals were closing in on fugitive slaves. Margaret Garner and her family had tasted freedom, and now, trapped, they faced a bitter return to lives as simple property. So, as the sl...

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