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I’m getting comfortable being on my way

To the place that makes me feel okay

Yes it is hard walking a certain direction

Or maybe its hard because i can’t bear to see the reflection

And is it weird that I think back to the time

That I was still listening to finger-tapping gu...


Breaking glass and the smell of burning rats

Stealing 4 whole handles of dyed vodka

Drinking 6 cups of coffee in the morning

Eating copious amounts of cheap pizza

Watching illegally streamed movies

Climbing trees at like 3 in the dead of night

Sneaking out of work 2 hours ea...


The Alex 

     -constantly stressed 

     -stops to pet every doggo 

     -loves cooking but is too short to use the stove top 

     -is foreign and makes it known

The Brian  

     -the music guy 


     For superhero fans across the world, April 23 is far from just another spring day; it is the Los Angeles World premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, the long-awaited latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU. Already encompassing 18 relea...


Still from Disney-Pixar’s Piper (2016)

     The release of a new Disney-Pixar movie is always a grand occasion in and of itself—really, who isn’t excited for The Incredibles 2 to arrive this summer? Despite common criticism and misunderstandings of the importa...


Stills of anime characters abound in the world of lo-fi live video.

     There is a girl, probably a student, sitting at her desk, with her over-the-ear headphones on, writing in her notebook. She’s got one of those angle-arm desk lamps, a heaping pile of books – titles...


Scene from Dark. Explore!

     At The Independent, we pride ourselves on bringing readers the latest and most up-to-date reviews of culture and the arts. In this issue, however, we depart from our usual mien to bring you some of Netflix’s hidden gems: the movi...

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