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Julia Holter's Aviary was released in October of this year. 

50. Prince - Piano & A Microphone 1983

Although it was recorded over thirty-five years ago, this deep cut deserves special mention.

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Best Tracks: “A Case of You,” “Mary Don’t You Weep”



Since the beginning of the decade, Julia Holter has expressed herself through simultaneously “poppy” and experimental music: she does not toe the line between pop and experimental, but rather masterfully bends and slaps it in the same that the way Hendrix mercilessly t...


 From left to right: Kevin Ralph, Natasha Janfaza, and Nyle Hamidi.

Taciturn has turned many heads with their loud sets that toe the line between jam and drone. However, the loudness isn’t mindless; each tone feels as curated as the songs themselves. With one EP out and...


     Chicago rapper Saba has straddled the edge of mainstream national acceptance since the release of his debut album, The Bucket List Project, in 2016. He has owned his spot as a frequent collaborator with other Chicago artists like Chance the Rapper, Nonam...


Twin Fantasy Album Cover

       On November 2, 2011, an 19 year-old Will Toledo released his sixth studio album in just over 18 months under the moniker Car Seat Headrest. With access to GarageBand, a few instruments, and a laptop microphone, he recorded the album in hi...


Fan art for Fantano’s successful Youtube channel, “The Needle Drop.”

      On Jan. 25, in the strangest crossover episode since Family Matters x Full House, the Georgetown Lecture Fund filled the Arrupe Multipurpose Room for the Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd,...


 Lorde performing in 2013. 

Here it is folks: a year-end list that actually waits until the year ends.

50. The Veldt - In a Quiet Room

It’s 2017 people. We have shoegazing bands from the 90’s making trap-influenced music. It is glorious.

49. Agent blå - Rote Learning

This S...



1- Adjective

2- Noun

3- Noun

4- Adjective

5- Noun

6- Verb

7- Noun

8- Adjective

9- Verb

10- Adjective

11- Verb

12- Noun

13- Verb

14- Verb

15- Verb

16- Noun

17- Noun

18- Noun

19- Noun (Plural)

20- Adjective

21- Noun (Plural)

22- Name


Intro to Philosophy

Prof. Thomas Sass

Analysis Paper



The stars are falling!

      Sometimes the world turns its ugly head. Sometimes a few brave souls point to the faces of men we see on our TVs, on our phones, and on our computers and show us their warts. Sometimes these men are pulled down from their pedestals and are n...


Promotional cover art for Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues

       A new school year always brings newfound excitement, but also, to an extent, feelings of dread. In the throes of midterms and procrastinating papers, here is a list of music to look forward to in both the near...

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